Package dk.itu.haas.GPS.Garmin

Interface Summary
GarminListener This interface should be implemented by classes that are interested in getting all the Garmin-packets transmitted by a Garmin-GPS.

Class Summary
GarminInputStream This class provides the functionality of automatically removing the double DLEs from the GPS-inputstream.
GarminOutputStream This class take care of adding DLE-stuffing to all packets sent to the GPS.
GarminPacket A class that encapsulates the basic functionality of a packet.
PVTDataPacket This class encapsulates the PVT (Position, velocity and time) packet.
RecordsPacket This packet is transmitted between devices before a large transfer of data-units, ie. a transfer of waypoints.
TimeDataPacket This class encapsulates the information of a Garmin-Date-Time-packet.
WaypointDataPacket This class encapsulates a Waypoint-packet.

Exception Summary
InvalidPacketException This method is thrown from the constructors of the packet-classes, whenever the int[]-array is not formatted according to the Garmin-packet-specs.
PacketNotRecognizedException This exception is thrown whenever a method expects one type of packet, but receives another.