Class RecordsPacket


public class RecordsPacket
extends GarminPacket

This packet is transmitted between devices before a large transfer of data-units, ie. a transfer of waypoints.

Field Summary
protected  int number
          The number of records to come, that this packet announces.
Fields inherited from class dk.itu.haas.GPS.Garmin.GarminPacket
Cmnd_Abort_Transfer, Cmnd_Start_Pvt_Data, Cmnd_Stop_Pvt_Data, Cmnd_Transfer_Alm, Cmnd_Transfer_Posn, Cmnd_Transfer_Prx, Cmnd_Transfer_Rte, Cmnd_Transfer_Time, Cmnd_Transfer_Trk, Cmnd_Transfer_Wpt, Cmnd_Turn_Off_Pwr, DLE, ETX, packet, Pid_Ack_Byte, Pid_Command_Data, Pid_Date_Time_Data, Pid_Nak_Byte, Pid_Position_Data, Pid_Product_Data, Pid_Product_Rqst, Pid_Protocol_Array, Pid_Pvt_Data, Pid_Records, Pid_Wpt_Data, Pid_Xfer_Cmplt
Constructor Summary
RecordsPacket(GarminPacket p)
RecordsPacket(int[] p)
Method Summary
 int getNumber()
          Returns the number of records that this packet announces.
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Field Detail


protected int number
The number of records to come, that this packet announces.

Constructor Detail


public RecordsPacket(int[] p)


public RecordsPacket(GarminPacket p)
Method Detail


public int getNumber()
Returns the number of records that this packet announces.