Coppermine java image uploader


The Coppermine java image uploader (CMIU) is an extension for the Coppermine Photo Gallery. It greatly enhances and simplifies the task of uploading a lot of new pictures to the gallery.


How to use

The following is required in order to use CMIU:
Installing CMIU is done by following these two steps.
  1. Download and unpack it.
  2. Upload the contents to the root of your Coppermine-directory.
Using CMIU
  1. Log in to your gallery.
  2. If the pictures should be uploaded to a new album, create it.
  3. Go to the upload2.php page. Accept the warning that the applet should be trusted. (Warning: This will give the applet full access to the contents of your harddisk, so stop now if you do not trust this extension).
  4. Use the applet to select a number of pictures. When you're done, press "Start upload".
  5. A progress bar will appear. Once the uploading is finished, you'll be taken to the screen for managing batch-uploaded files. Follow Coppermine's document from here.


You can try out a demo of the program. The demo will allow you to pick out pictures, but has uploading disabled.

Click here to start the demo.

Technical details

CMIU interfaces with the batch-upload functionality of Coppermine. Unfortunately this makes it impossible to automatically enforce user quotas.

CMIU uses a stripped-down version of the Jakarta Commons HTTPClient for all network-communication between the program and the gallery.

Source code

The source code can be downloaded here. Use Eclipse's "Import Existing Projects into Workspace" - functionality to get it up and running quickly.


Feel free to contact me with questions regarding this program. I'll attempt to answer, and perhaps put up a FAQ.

I can be reached at henrik (at) aasted (dot) org.