Ground Cero Frequently Asked Questions

- What is a compiler and where can I get one?
A compiler is the program that translates your C/C++-code into an executable file. It's is the most basic requirement if you wish to start programming C/C++.
 If you're on a Linux system you allready have a compiler. Try typing g++ in a console.

- Which language should I start out with? C or C++??
I would recommend that you learned C++ right away. C++ makes a lot of things easier to do than C (Input/output for example), and you will probably have to learn it someday anyway, so....

- Have you written anything besides The Ground Cero Guide to C?
No. I'm considering writing a C++-tutorial, but if I did this, it would be as a part of my education, and I would have to get a teacher to give me credit for it and so on ... The short of it is that I might write more ... If I get the time.

- What operating system is the tutorial written for?
It is primarily written for DOS, although a lot of it is generic C and can be applied to any platform.

- Hey ... I don't want no stinking command-line programs ... I want windows and graphics!!
 Ok ... Most civilized GUIs are programmed in C++, so you'll have to learn that first. Can't help you with that ... yet.
Windows (i.e. 9x, NT and 2000) tend to be a bit complicated to program. If you wan't to start out easy I recommend that you install either Linux with KDE or BeOS. Both are relatively new systems and their APIs are a joy to use!!

- I can't find the conio.h-file on my Linux system!!
 I know ... It doesn't exist there ... Sorry...  I wrote the tutorial before I started using Linux, so I wasn't aware of this ...
Use the command getchar() instead of getch(). Type "man getchar" for more help.

- Your homepage hasn't been updated for years!! Are you still there??
I know. It's a bit embarrasing. But I've been here the whole time ... I just didn't get around to updating.

- Could you PLEASE do my homework?
Nope ... So don't send your assignments this way. I'm not interested!

- Why didn't you answer my e-mail?!
I guess I'm a bit lazy. I hope you have found the answer to your question here.

- You're raping my eyes!! Get a decent HTML-layout for your page!!
Sorry! If you're looking for a graphical rave I guess you're in the wrong place.

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