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2nd of March 08
Opening the source code for the Coppermine java image uploader. Get it here.
29th of December 05
I've had this one lying around for a while, but finally found some time to pack it up and make a nice webpage for it.
Introducing the Coppermine java image uploader. This neat little applet greatly simplifies the task of uploading pictures to the Coppermine Photo Gallery. A live demo has also been made available.
An interesting aspect of the program is that it can interface to just about any gallery or web-application with very few modifications. Contact me if you are a developer who wants to work with me on integrating to other applications.
23rd of November 05
One of my favourite books of all time is Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. On my second read through it, I decided to mark quotes that could be worthy of including in a fortune collection. The result is the Cryptonomicon quote collection, ready for adding to your fortune-program.
17th of October 04
Recently discovered Jeremy Ruston's TiddlyWiki, which is an interesting take on wikis. It's capable of containing entire wikis in one file, so that it can be viewed off-line. Excellent for documentation, note-taking or blogging, as has already been proved in several places.
I played around with TiddlyWiki a bit, and made my own extended version of it. The result can be found here. Among the new functionality is a server-side component, images in entries, a merge of some functionality from another implementation and logins.
Still missing a good name for my version of TiddlyWiki, though. Suggestions are welcome. :)
23rd of July 03
Bought myself a neat digital camera. This has led to a new section at Aasted.org: Photos. I'm reluctant to call it a gallery, as it's basically a collection of three pictures right now. Perhaps I'll promote its title to Gallery once the number of pictures rise.
I'll make an attempt to only put pictures that may have interest to a broader audience in the photo-section, so I'll spare you the pictures of my dog, family, girlfriend, drunk friends etc.
The photo-section is handcoded for each picture at the moment, but once it reaches a certain size, I may start looking for a gallery-solution of some kind. Recommendations are very welcome.
I've bought the domain aasted.net, which I suddenly discovered was available. At the moment it just points to aasted.org, but if I find a use for it, it may become a seperate site at some point.
Suggestions are welcome.
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